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The next evolution in training SCF 200

Threat Assessment

how to make a proper threat assessment

Explosive Identification
Awareness Training


Apex Stay Alive Program – ASAP

The leaders in using Law Enforcement based techniques for preventing and defending against today’s threats.

ApexSCF is committed to providing cutting edge interactive educational training that effectively addresses today’s threats of violence.

Our focus is on personal protection, family safety, home defense, campus security, workplace violence, crisis management, how to recognize and react to an active shooter, threats of violence and emergency preparedness.

The Apex Stay Alive Program (ASAP) course teaches proven methods for personal protection and attack countermeasures that can be applied in any environment.

Apex Stay Alive Program is an 8-hour course incorporating law enforcement-based techniques to proactively save lives.

Our course is one of the most in-depth and world-renowned programs of its kind!


      • What to do during an active shooting/workplace violence incident
      • Active shooter response countermeasures within a confined space ie. offices, hallway, meeting rooms, building structure of any kind (tactical hands on)
      • Active motor coach (tactical maneuvers hands on drills)
      • Hostage situations awareness and response
      • Behaviors of concern
      • Verbal indicators of violence
      • Recognizing aggressive body language
      • Verbal and postural de-escalation techniques (hands on)
      • Self-defense within the guidelines of the law
      • Understanding the levels of force & use of force
      • Drug awareness protocol
      • Major bleeding to treat external life-threatening bleeding (hands on)
      • Counter terrorism response training
      • Bomb threat protocol, suspicious packages
      • Basic EOD training
      • Intermediate EOD training (law enforcement)
      • Homemade explosives, clandestine and precursor identification (hands on)
      • Intermediate self-defense practices (hands on)
      • Attendees will also take away solid skills, practices and training
      • Great team building experience
      • And so much more……


      • Academic Institutions
      • Transportation Industries
      • Student Transportation
      • Corporate Workplaces
      • Government Agencies
      • Healthcare
      • Real Estate Agents
      • Property Management
      • Financial Institutions
      • Faith based / church industries

Trust me when I tell you, that we are going to teach you things that you never thought possible!

We will build your Department/District a one of kind active shooter, and workplace violence safety program that will fit the agency’s needs, and address any active shooter(s) threats or violence.

Prior to training ApexSCF Specialized Response Training Team (SRTT) will review policy procedures and tailor the Active Shooter class to your needs.

Curriculum will be specifically designed, using the policies to provide training which addresses the needs within the confines of established procedures.

As a former Chief of Police, I personally know the urgency in protecting our citizens against today’s new threats.

That’s why my company created the nation’s leading training course for today’s threats of violence and workplace violence.

The best part is, anyone can use these techniques for effective results.
I urge you to see how we’ve helped others like you, learn how to protect employees at a level no one else can provide.

The World’s # 1 Workplace Violence Prevention & Training Program
Our goal, is to improve public safety, domestic and international security through training, education and tactical excellence.

Empower ~ Empowered ~ Empowering

Threat Assessment Findings & Recommendations

ApexSCF will provide a clear Threat Assessment Findings and Recommendations Action Plan, security system procedures in place (or lack thereof) and critically assess for vulnerabilities through a detailed and structured
risk-assessment performed by experienced personnel. Apply methodologies of risk and threat analysis from counterintelligence collection to provide recommendations to Sr. Leadership of threats to core business operations.

ApexSCF Specialized Response Training Team (SRTT) will identify threats, assess strengths and vulnerabilities, and then deliver a Custom Action Plan. We will help you protect your organization from likely threats and prepare for probable emergencies, the custom action plan will be tailored to your unique location, risk tolerance, culture and budget.

Your action plan provides practical solutions to:

  • Facility soft points
  • Facility location
  • Incidents prevention
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Crisis response
  • Evacuation/emergency action plan
  • Internal and external threats
  • Active shooter(s)
  • Bomb threat protocols
  • Suspicious package protocols

Realistic training saves lives.

APEXSCF is the nation's leading workplace violence safety training company.

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