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Jeff May Apex Instructor

Jeff L. May, former Chief of Police, is the president of ApexSCF, a leading practitioner in his field, and is locally and nationally known in the professional law enforcement community.

ApexSCF delivers high-level services to organizations around the U.S. and worldwide. We are committed to providing cutting-edge, interactive, educational training that effectively addresses today’s threats of violence. Our focus is on personal protection, family safety, home defense, campus security, workplace violence, crisis management, recognizing and reacting to active shooters, and emergency preparedness and terrorism response training.

Mr. May is a leading practitioner in his field and is locally and nationally known in the professional law enforcement community.


APEXSCF provides proactive and prudent training targeted toward helping transportation industries, professional student transporters, individuals, businesses, healthcare workers, governmental agencies and the education system. Through personal experience and training we are committed to providing high-quality, expedient service in order to preserve life, maintain human rights, protect property, promote the educational objective of reducing fear, and providing a safe working environment.


To educate, train and enhance preparedness for private and public communities on issues such as active shooter, incident response, defensive tactics, workplace violence, business safety, terrorism awareness, bomb threat protocol, suspicious packages and home safety. To raise awareness of the behaviors that represent pre-incident indicators, characteristics of active shooters, and daily violence.


ApexSCF team of highly trained public safety professionals with decades of experience. Our instructors are published experts and recognized by various state, county, and federal agencies. Our instructors are qualified and trained in fields ranging from, Law Enforcement, United States Marine Corps Senior EOD qualified expert , Mental Health, SWAT Team Leader, Military, Fire, Government Security, Adult and Child Education, Fire and Emergency Medical Services.

We have successfully correlated their practical experiences into a comprehensive training program to implement and integrate into your daily situations.

All ApexSCF Instructors have undergone extensive training and are vetted to ensure they are the most qualified personnel to instruct your agency.

Jeff L. May


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Realistic training saves lives.

APEXSCF is the nation's leading workplace violence safety training company.

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