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“As a former Chief of Police, I personally know the urgency in protecting our citizens against today’s new threats. That’s why my company created the nation’s leading training course for today’s threats of violence and workplace violence. The best part is, anyone can use these techniques for effective results. I urge you to see how we’ve helped others like you, learn how to protect employees at a level no one else can provide.”

The most stressful situation any school, church, bank, business or government office should face is an active shooter coming into their building and firing at will. Sadly, in the current state of our country, people need to be better prepared for such events. So, the question is…are you ready for such an events?

Our elite one-on-one training gives your employees hands-on experience. We bring the necessary staff to accommodate the number of training team in your staff to ensure proper training for each one of your employees. There’s nothing like being physically trained in this manner.

We also offer comprehensive threat assessments for your building(s) to ensure you have the highest success should an event occur. Certain types of locks, places to install bullet resistant panels, cameras, one-way mirrors and lights are just a few of the things that can mean the difference between success and disaster.

Our training may be one of the most valuable assets you ever invest in for your company. It will bring you and your staff the greatest peace of mind and confidence needed to deal with what could be one of the most life-threatening situations you could experience.

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President/Lead Instructor

Jeff L. May, former Chief of Police, is the president of ApexSCF, delivering high-level services to organizations around the U.S. We are committed to providing cutting-edge, interactive, educational training that effectively addresses today’s threats of violence. Our focus is on personal protection, family safety, home defense, campus security, workplace violence, crisis management, recognizing and reacting to active shooters, and emergency preparedness and terrorism response training.

The primary mission of ApexSCF is to provide proactive and prudent training combined with recommendations targeted toward helping businesses, healthcare, governmental, academic, and private entities through personal protection and training. Whereas individuals better understand their role when it comes to workplace violence prevention. We are committed to providing high-quality, practical service to the community members to preserve life, maintain human rights, protect property, promote the educational objectives of reducing fear, and provide a safer working environment for everyone. We strive for a safe and healthy environment through training.

Violence ends when training begins.

” If you knew you had to fight for your
life tomorrow, would you train today? “

Realistic training saves lives.

APEXSCF is the nation’s leading workplace violence safety training company. 

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