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Will You Survive?

“If you knew you had to fight for your life tomorrow, would you train today?”

Do you know how to protect yourself in a dangerous situation?

Someone comes up to you with a gun, or a knife, and attempts to grab you?

What do you do? What do you say? How do you fight?

Our program was created to save lives, Apex-SCF Stay Alive Program (ASAP) is the most in-depth training of
its kind.

Using common daily situations,
Apex-SCF interactive safety training is designed to teach participants how to incorporate protective
countermeasures into everyday life at home, work or during travel. By focusing on active shooters, personal protection, family safety,
home defense, campus security, workplace violence, crisis management, terrorism response training, and emergency preparedness.   

The best part is, anyone can use these techniques for effective results.

Apex-SCF provides safety courses to effectively address today’s threats of violence and facilitate empowered individual response in
dangerous situations.

Bad things happen to good people. This is an unfortunate fact in our society. Any one of us can be a victim of a crime that threatens
our personal safety or the safety of our families. We cannot control the actions of others, but we don’t have to remain powerless
either. We can choose to step out of the victim loop and take personal responsibility and accountability for our safety.
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Violence Ends When Training Begins

Get customized training:

   ·   Transportation industries             ·   School bus drivers

   ·   Corporate workplaces                   ·   Healthcare

   ·   Government agencies                   ·   Individuals

   ·   Educational                                    ·   Real Estate Agents
   ·   Robbery Prevention for
       Banks, Casinos

Apex-SCF as been seen on Nation Television Broadcasts

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Just a snapshot of our 8-hour course:

  Active shooter(s), what do we need to know, and how to recognize
  Violence in our daily lives and the workplace, and what can we do about it
  Recognizing how to Predict, Prepare, Respond to, and Prevent potential threats before they occur
  Evacuation/emergency action plan  
  Business contingency / recovery plans
  Bomb / suspicious package threat protocol
  Facility soft points
  Facility location, threats where can they come from
  Incident prevention
  Recognizing proper evacuation procedures under fire
  Internal and external threats
  Hostage vs. active shooter situations
  Behaviors of concern (BOC)
  Non-verbal indicators of violence
  Verbal indicators of violence
  Verbal De-escalation techniques
  Hostage vs. active shooter situations
  Recognizing aggressive body language
  Detecting hidden weapons
  Disarming techniques (handguns, and long guns)
  Using improvised weapons / weapons of opportunity
  Terrorism response
  Perimeter parking / safety and control
  Table top exercises and hands on practical drills  
  And so much more

That’s why my company created the nation’s leading training course for workplace violence.
Be informed, be aware, and keep your family safe.