50 Killed in Florida nightclub Shasta Union High School  District Transportation Shasta County school bus  divers train for violent  situations The Wall Street Journal- Mass Shooting on the  Rise, FBI Says. FBI study-of-active-shooter-incidents-in-the-u.s.-between-2000-and-2013.pdf fbi-study-finds-active-sho.pdf A Study of Active  Shooter Incidents FBI Study Finds Active Shooter Incidents  Increasing Nowhere to Run Nowhere to Hide CNN - FBI: Mass Shooting Incidents occurring more frequently School addresses  threats, Rumor fed  through social media School-bus Violence Active Shooter Training For Clovis Unified Bus Drivers Charleston Church  Shooting School bus stopped near  Loris After student  claimed to have gun Man found with gun,  Condoms near school  bus stop Teen arrested after  Showing weapon at  school bus Students had loaded  gun On school bus Girl charged with school  Bus assault Students Face Jail Time  for Tire-Deflating  ‘Senior Prank’ Violent school bus attack School Transportation  News International
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